Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike Torque Sensor Folding eBike
Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike Torque Sensor Folding eBike
Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike Torque Sensor Folding eBike
Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike Torque Sensor Folding eBike

Fiido D21 Folding Electric Bike Torque Sensor Folding eBike

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     Accurate Torque Sensor

    Complementing this with a torque sensor to sense the force put into the pedals is a significant improvement,which can achieve low latency、accurate and maintenance-free.This improves the handling of the bike making it much more intuitive and enjoyable to ride, while also making it safer.

    250w High-Efficiency Motor

    The 35nm 250W brushless geared motor hidden in the 20-inch rear wheel provides tremendous power even in compact size and light weight, which is the reason why it can easily overcome rugged and steep roads with extremely low energy consumption.

    Specially Designed Battery

    The battery is concealed in seat tube, making it nearly tantamount to an ordinary bicycle at first glance, nevertheless, the range can still reach 100KM under the electric moped mode despite being so compact. Furthermore, the battery is removable meaning that you may get it powered anywhere at any time.

    Praiseworthy Body Structure

    The concise design with integrated seatpost that contains battery and taillight, reducing the quantity of components and improving efficiency to the full extent. In addition to the utilization of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame, the layout of the model conforms to the ergonomic design specifications, presenting comfortable riding experience with height-adjustable leather seat and the light self-weight of 12.9kg only. 

    Tech + Specs

    The unique electric bicycle aesthetics that Fiido endows D21 truly achieves the perfect balance between form and function.




    MODEL Fiido D21
    Voltage 36V 
    Battery Cycle Times  800 times 
    Moped mode range 80-100km
    Max speed 25km/h
    Working temperature -10~50°C
    Frame material Aluminium alloy
    Color Bronze
    Max load 120kg
    Net weight  17.5kg(with battery)
    Tire size 20*1.75 inch
    Ebike size 1480mm*570mm*1100mm
    Folding size 800mm*400mm*740mm
    Charging time 7 hours
    D21 USER MANUAL Download Link


    What is the biggest difference between D21 and D11?

    In addition to changing the color to a more metallic bronze color, the D21 has an upgraded torque sensor, which provides a better riding experience in the electric assist mode.

    What is the Payload of D21 with such a simple frame?

    With the unique aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame, the maximum load of D21 can reach 120kg.

    Is this really an eBike? I can't see where the battery is located.

    The battery is not that obvious for it is concealed in the seat tube.

    What is the capacity of the battery?

    11.6Ah. Thanks to FIIDO's patent, the battery capacity can reach 11.6Ah large in such a compact size.

    Can I remove the battery to charge?

    Absolutely! Just take the seat tube down and have D21 re-charged anywhere.

    Where is the motor?

    The motor is hidden in the rear wheel by FIIDO’s peculiar unique design.

    Does D21 have sufficient power to climb hills?

    The torque of the 250W brushless geared motor is 35nm, which means that you will ride effortlessly even climbing steep mountains.

    How much does the whole D21 bike weigh?

    With a net weight of 17.5kg, D21 is the lightest one among 20-inch e-bikes currently.

    Is it convenient to fold and unfold?

    All you need is taking 3 simple steps to fold or unfold the e-bike, and you can also push it forward after folding to save carrying effort.

    Can I ride in the rain?

    Yes, the D21 is IP54 waterproof. But we recommend not to use it in heavy rain, in consideration of safety. Please avoid putting the e-bike in water, or cleaning with a high-pressure water gun to avoid damage to electronic components and wiring due to soaking.

    Does winter affect its Range?

    The activity of Li-ions decreases under low temperatures, which may also influence the efficiency of the battery. However, the performance of the battery will return to its original state once the temperature rises.

    Is it easy to replace the accessories by myself?

    Generally speaking, you can handle the replacement of the e-bike accessories if you are able to fix simple problems with a bicycle. Fiido shows a strict attitude towards the selection of components to ensure high quality of our products. Also, our after-sales department provides specialized technical video tutorial if you require.

    What is in the package?

    The eBike comes with fenders, pedals, charger, kickstand, open spanner and allen key inside the box.

    Does it need to be assembled when received?

    Simply unfold it, and then install the pedals and seat tube. Actually, the entire frame of D21 has been assembled before leaving the factory.

    What should I do if I have after-sales problems?

    Fiido Ebikes come with one-year warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us at or