Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike
Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike
Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike
Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike
Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike
Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike

Fiido D3 Pro Mini Electric Bike Portable Travel EBike

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    FIIDO D3 Pro

    D3 Pro inherits the minimalist aesthetic style of FIIDO with its simple and smooth lines. Equipped with a large 52-tooth chain disc, a 12-tooth rear flywheel and electric-assisted three-speed transmission, leading a more comfortable riding experience and perfect balance between aesthetics and efficiency

    Light body & Portable travel

    The frame is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and the whole bike weight is only 17.5KG, which can be lifted with one hand. Handlebars can be folded into the trunk, easier to carry on the road.

    250 Powerful Motor

    Using brushless gearless motor, lower power consumption, which making the endurance 20% stronger than normal brushless gearless motor, and starting torque is greater, it can easily overcome steep roads and uphill slopes with very low energy consumption.

    Long-acting battery & Fast charging

    The battery is hidden in the frame and configured with a maximum battery capacity of 7.8Ah. It only takes 5 hours to fully charged.

    3 Modes Switch

    Equipped with electric, moped and pedal modes. The automatic induction for switching between electric and power-assisted modes. When turning the accelerator, it will automatically be in electric mode; if the accelerator is not applied, the pedal is in electric-assisted mode.

    Tech + Specs

    MODEL Fiido D3Pro
    Voltage 36V 
    Battery Cycle Times   800 times 
    Moped mode range 60km
    Max speed 25km/h
    Working temperature -10~50°C
    Frame material Aluminium alloy
    Color Black or White
    Max load 120kg
    Net weight  17.5kg(with battery)
    Tire size 14”*2.125 inch
    Ebike size 1250mm(long)*580mm(width)*1000mm(height)
    Folding size 1250mm(long)*400mm(width)*630mm(height)
    Charging time 5 hours

    *Download D3 PRO Manual Here



    What is the difference between the Standard model and Seatpost pump?

    The seatpost pump model carries a unique hidden air pump in the seatpost, the standard model does not. The other parameters are the same.

    What is the Payload of the EBike with such a simple frame?

    With the unique aerospace-grade aluminum alloy frame, the maximum load of D3 Pro is 120kg.

     Is this really an EBike? I can't see the battery.

    The battery is not that obvious for it is concealed in the frame.

    What is the capacity of the battery?

    7.8Ah. Thanks to FIIDO's patent, the battery capacity can reach 7.8Ah large in such a compact-size design.

    The bike looks small. I wonder if it can handle abrupt slopes?

    The answer is yes. D3Pro has a 250W burshless geared motor and the starting torque is larger, which will definitely be helpful for uphill climbing.

    I would need to take it outdoor sometimes. Is it heavy?

    Not at all. On the contrary, D3Pro is light in weight and weighs only 17.5kg with battery, making it effortless to carry.

    Does Winter affect D3 Pro Range?

    The activity of Li-ions decreases under low temperatures, which may also influence the efficiency of the battery. However, the performance of the battery will return to its original state once the temperature rises.

    Is it easy to replace the accessories by myself?

    Generally speaking, you can handle the replacement of the e-bike accessories if you are able to fix simple problems with a bicycle. Fiido shows a strict attitude towards the selection of components to ensure high quality of our products. Also, our after-sales department provides specialized technical video tutorial if you require.

    What should I do with After-sales Problems?

    Fiido offers one-year product warranty. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us at or