Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike
Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike
Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike
Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike
Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike
Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike

Fiido D4S eBike Folding Lightweight 80Km Range Electric Bike

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    FIIDO D4s

    Making the decision of riding for long-distance is no easy task, but with D4S, the frame of which is designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, perfect cycling experience will not be just a casual remark for the reason that Fiido always gives priority to users’ comfort.

    Key Features:

    20''*1.75 inch - TIRE SIZE                           6-GEARS DERAILLEUR - KMC CHAIN

    LIGHTWEIGHT at 18.5KG ONLY                 SAFE BATTERY - 374.4Wh

    250W POWERFUL MOTOR                          Range of UP TO 80KM 


    With Fiido 's progressive lithium battery technology, the 18650 power lithium battery with 36V voltage and 10.4Ah capacity achieves an energy conversion efficiency of 85%, laying a solid foundation for a range of up to 80KM in electric moped mode


    Imagine taking about only 10-seconds time to fold and unfold an e-bike? as a matter of fact, the D4S is exactly the bicycle that implements such convenience. It is completely stress-free whether placed into car trunk, metro or bus.


    The wear-resistant, non-slip pneumatic tire measures 20 inches in size, and the tire's width reaches 1.75 inches even on such a compact bicycle body, making it extremely easy to pass through harsh road condition.


    Equipped with electric, moped and pedal modes. The automatic induction for switching between electric and power-assisted modes. When turning the accelerator, it will automatically be in electric mode; if the accelerator is not applied, the pedal is in electric-assisted mode.

    Tech + Specs

    The unique electric bicycle aesthetics that Fiido endows D4s truly achieves the perfect balance between form and function.


    MODEL Fiido D4s
    Voltage 36V 
    Battery Cycle Times  800 times
    Moped mode range 80km
    Max speed 25km/h
    Working temperature -10~50°C
    Frame material Aluminium alloy
    Color Black/White
    Max load 120kg
    Net weight  18.5kg(with battery)
    Tire size 20”*1.75 inch
    Ebike size 1530mm*580mm*1100mm
    Folding size 850mm*450mm*640mm
    Charging time 7 hours


     I want to save more effort riding D4S. How do I achieve that?

    You can use the moped mode and electric mode while riding the D4S. To enter the electric mode, just turn on the power and twist speed handlebar. Step on the pedals but no twisting on the handlebar and you’ll start moped mode. If you want to choose the 3 gears in the moped mode, simply press the M button on the display meter, the higher the gear you select, the greater the power it runs.

    Is it convenient to charge the battery?

    Quite easy. Just connect the Charger Cable to the charging port of the battery first, then connect the other end to the power socket. Noted that the battery need not be removed for charging as it’s installed inside the frame of the e-bike.

    Is it heavy to carry?

    D4S weighs only 18.5kg.

    What max speed can D4S reach?


    It can reach a speed of 30km/h(18.6mph) if you crack the speed limit. Hold the front and rear brakes at the same time, twist the speed handlebar to maximum, then turn on the display meter, wait for the screen to flash E004 over 4 times, then release the handlebars.

    Speaking of the variable speed system, what's special about it?

    You are able to adjust the speed to 6 gears (from 1 to 6) when riding D4S, and all you need to do is simply switch the thumb shifter on the right side of the handlebar.

    Can I ride it when it rains?

    No problem. The battery of D4S is IP54 waterproof, which can effectively avoid the impact of rain and splashing, but we recommend not to ride in heavy rain considered of safety. Also, please be careful not to soak the e-bike, or clean it with a high-pressure water gun. When passing through pools, stagnant water, etc., please make sure that the wading height is not higher than the hub to avoid damage to the motor.

    Is it easy to replace accessories by myself?

    Of course. If you can fix simple problems with a bicycle, then the replacement of the e-bike accessories is no big deal. Fiido shows a strict attitude towards the selection of components to ensure high quality of our products. Also, our after-sales department provides specialized technical video tutorial.

    What is in the package?

    Included with the EBike are fenders, charger, UK adapter, kickstand, open spanner and allen key inside the box.

    What should I do if I have after-sales problems?

    Fiido Ebikes come with one-year warranty. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us at or

    Click Here to see How to Unbox D4S